Haircuts for Bobby


Hi there! My name is Carter and I’m in 8th grade. Recently, my friend Bobby was diagnosed with cancer in his leg. Since then, he occasionally will come in to school to catch up and try to tough it out though he will often start to feel sick and have to go home.

Some people in our school have gotten haircuts to show they care and one or two kids even did a one day “buzz cuts for Bobby” fundraiser. One night, I was eating dinner at Chipotle and telling my mom about Bobby and how some people were trying to help ease the cost of the surgery and chemo and the pain that bobby and his family were feeling. After a while we tried to change the topic, as people often will when the topic is sad, and instead started talking about a bike trip that I do every summer. That’s when an amazing idea hit me: what if I did a bike-a-thon to help Bobby? We started making plans immeadiatlly. How to get the idea on the web. How to get people to donate. Everything. And so, this blog, Biking for Bobby, was born.


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  1. Reblogged this on Penny Candy and commented:
    Carter is the son of a dear college friend and I am so impressed with his efforts to help his friend, Bobby, get the treatment he needs. It’s hard to know anyone, especially one as young as Bobby, has a long road ahead of him. Lucky kid, though, to have friends like Carter standing beside him. I wish Bobby well, and Carter resounding success.

  2. dear Carter
    I am grandma Lydia ‘s friend …and I think you are an amazing kid!
    Keep up the good cycling!
    I would love to donate/
    Michele Tarica

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