An update on my “Training”


With the trip approaching fast, one has to train. To be able to speed through the trip like it is nothing requires intense training and discipline. One has to be able to drop whatever they are doing on a daily basis to prepare for such an event. This is the mentality of a champion athlete. However, that is not me.

So far in training for the trip, I’ve gone biking in my local park all of three times. For some reading this, you may be slamming your heads on your desks with disgust but do not despair. This has been my strategy for about the past three years and it hasn’t failed me yet. The only downside is that my Grandfather who introduced this trip to me actually takes it very seriously. He practices all year and does about 20 miles a week (for all I know it’s 50 but 20 seemed like a lot to me). The thing that helps us get through it the most is the seemingly countless stops for ice cream and fudge along the way (tip: if your biking and have fudge in your backpack, make sure your grandson rides in front of you or he’ll somehow manage to eat it all without you even noticing. At least, that’s what happened with us).


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