My Crew


Every adventure has a team behind it and this trip is no different. Along with the 250something people who are riding along, there are two people in particular that I will be riding with.  Maybe you should meet them.

Name: Paul

Occupation: school

Relation: Brother


Description:  Paul is the typical younger brother.  For better or for worse, always following me around, including on the trip (he went for the first time two years ago).  While he can sometimes be annoying he’s always there when I need him and probably one of the better younger brothers around.


Name: David Smith (Boppa)

Occupation:  Beekeeping and genealogy

Loves: biking, bees, family history, and geocaching

Description:  A tough as nails former Naval submarine Commander who now lives the nice life of beekeeping and tracking down family history. He was the one who introduced me to this trip in the summer before third grade and I’ve joined him ever since.  This year he decided we will slow the pace a little so we can do all the historical geocaches along our route.  For those that don’t know, geocaching is basically a world-wide scavenger hunt where one creates a “cache”, essentially any container that can be hidden from non-geocachers or “Muggles” and can hold a log so people who have been there can sign it and log it online.

While we have done this route before (my first time on the trip), that was before any of us knew about geocaching.  Paul, my Mom and I had found it a while back and sluggishly made our way through caches.  Near when we were about to get our hundredth cache, we went down to visit our Grandparents (also known as Nunu and Boppa) while they were in Florida for the holidays.  Boppa caught us looking for one once and was immediately hooked. As soon as we left he went and got his own GPS unit and had quickly collected 100 caches in a third of the time it had taken us. Right now we are at about 220.  He’s around 540.


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