A Good Start


It’s been a moderately easy first day. While we didn’t have any lunch (even though shake shack was just down the street from the start), the ride was only 15 miles.
We’ve been traveling along what remains of the famous C&O canal. We ride on where the mules would have pulled the barges. There are also constantly huge Lochs.
The lochs were used to kind of get a big barge up a hill. They essentially get the boat into a separated area and then raise the water level to that of the higher area (kind of like a water elevator).
We also did some geocaching. We got a total of 4 caches and saw some pretty interesting things.
Since my battery is about to die, I’ll just include this one last thing. We also saw these huge waterfalls that were so loud, I could barely hear Paul right next to me. I think that must be something like what that guy who walked over Niagra falls last night must of heard: a rush of water so loud, that all other noises were reduced to a barely audible squeak.
Got to go now (just got the 20% remaining sign). I’ll try to post tommarrow and I hope everyone is having a good vacation.


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