On My Way


We are currently driving towards D.C. The weather has suddenly turned from a bright day without a cloud in the sky to an endless mass of gray sky. Hope it doesn’t rain…
In the front seat, my mom and Bopa are are frantically trying to keep tabs on a red ant that my mom spotted roaming around the inside of the windshield.
Next to me in the back, my brother Paul is playing Cut the Rope (I think he’s still trying to beat the same level as he was 20 minutes ago. They all kind of look the same to me.
Before my mom suggested that I write “my feelings before the trip,” I was happily engrossed in Infinity blade (was just about to beat the boss to. Curse you parental consciencousnes!). So here I am, writing my “last thoughts” before the trip.
I guess I’m a little nervous. No one is ever completely calm when undergoing something huge. There’s always that hint of anxiousness that pulls at your gut, either making you pull back, afraid that you’ll mess up, or making you go that much farther and work that much harder.
On a lighter note, it still hasn’t started raining and I think I see a patch of blue sky up ahead. We also just passed over the chesapeake bay. Bopa just informed is that apperently, the bay is as big as Indiana.
I just saw an exit for Washington so I should probably stop typing and start gearing up. I’ll be posting more from the road and I hope everybody is having a great summer break.


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