A trip to the museum


The train museum was not at all what I suspected. When I hear “train museum,” I think of a big room with giant trains all around. This was a much different kind of museum. On the first floor was a quick blurb by the national park service, describing the rises and falls of the canal and it’s battles against the rail companies over who owned the canal land (they ended up just sharing it.
The second floor was a look into the lives of the local residents of brunswick when it was a growing train city, bustling with shipments coming and going.
On the third floor was my favorite part. It was a giant toy train replica that took up the whole room. The tracks depicted the trains traveling from Brunswick all the way to Washington D.C. As you walked along the path, there were these small red buttons. They would do all sorts of different things when you pressed them. One might start a train on its journey, another would make the lights of a tiny fair brighten, and yet another would make the sounds of a car roaring along the tiny highway.
For those who donated over $100, I also got some postcards there do those who get one with a train on it will know where it came from.
Thanks for listening and thank you to Ms. Hitchner who donated today! For those who haven’t already donated, please donate by clicking the “donate” button on the side. Thank you again and (since I’m about to get yelled at for shining bright lights past curfew) good night!


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