Day Two: Wet and Windy


Today was a very wet day (who would’ve thought a post where the description is wet would be about something wet).  It started at about midnight last night.
I hadn’t been able to sleep (probably because my feet were about three ft below my head and I kept sliding into my stuff) so I was just listening to the noises outside.  Curfew had started at 10:00 so the only noises were the creek running next to us and the crickets.  Suddenly, I heard this light “plunk” on the roof.  Then another… and another.  The next thing I knew, it was pouring and I was drifting to sleep.
We got up at 6:30 am and quickly disassembled our tent (it helped that we were starving and really wanted breakfast).  Breakfast was a bagel, yogurt, hot chocolate, and this thing that was kind of like lemon cake ( I think I had at least four pieces).
It was still raining when we got on the trail and continued until we got to lunch (which was perfect timing as there was no shelter).  They put it in the same place as last time, next to the old Monocacy Aqueduct (very big).
Lunch was some sort of taco salad.  After Boppa did his traditional scolding me for not wanting tomatoes on my salad, we dug in.  Surprisingly, taco salad is a very good exercise food.
After that, the trip was very short.  Before it seemed that we’d ridden even five of the 15 miles left, we were there.  We hastily washed off our muddy bikes (forgot to snag pic beforehand) and set up our tents.  Since we arrived very early (1:00), we had to wait four hours for our dinner at 5:00 and, (unfortunately) as many of you know, there is not much to do around a campsite in the middle of nowhere.  So, I started blogging.

Tonight, the local historical train museum is re-opening late for us so we are going to go take a look.  See you all tomorrow!


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