Catching up


Sorry that I wasnt able to post last night.  The campground didn’t have any reception (I can’t imagine how the locals stay connected).
Anyway, what was the last thing I posted about?  I think it was Ft. Frederick.   After we got ice cream from the “fort store” and (attempted to) snag a cache, Boppa decided to go his own way to try to find a cache while Paul and I continued on the trail.
Later, we met up with Connor and his dad who runs the trip. That day we were responsible for our own lunches so we ate at a place called Weavers and waited for Boppa.
After a seemingly endless 20 miles, we arrived at camp where we were told that there was a pool just up the hill.
We hastily put up our tent, ate dinner, and rode up the hill.  For those who do very long bike trips, you know how hard it is to do a very long day (50 miles in our case) and then have to do a huge hill after you’re already exhausted.  However, you may also then know how good it feels to jump into a nice pool.

For those who don’t do bike trips, it feels (in order of feelings listed) horrible then one of the best things in the world.  The temp was just enough that it wasn’t freezing but still refreshing.  There was a shallow, three foot deep area that slowly descended into a deeper six foot deep end.  There was also a floating plastic football that allowed us to play catch (which soon turned to keep away from Paul).
When the store/pool owner drove us away, we slowly coasted down the hill to go to bed for the night after playing a couple rounds of Scrabble Apples with our fellow bikers.
When we woke in the morning, we were faced with the unpleasant surprise of ants all over our tent.  When I say all over, I mean it looked like we were being slowly eaten by an ant horde.  Apperently we had set up our tent over an ant hill and they decided to explore what had blocked out their moonlight.
After shaking out the tent of all ants, we set out to continue our ride.  We took a little time to geocache before coming upon the Paw-Paw tunnel.  It was a pitch black tunnel that took nearly 20 minutes to walk through.  It took even longer when we took five minutes to find a geocache at both ends and when we stopped every 100 ft to write down a benchmark (sort of like a type of geocache).

After we had spent the now 30 min. walking through the tunnel, Boppa realized that he had forgotten his $150 glasses on the other side.  I volunteered to go get them and catch up only to find that they weren’t there (someone either picked them up or they are somewhere in the bowels of Boppa’s bag).
I rode without seeing them until lunch (though I did see 67 turtles that Paul will tell you all about) where we had wraps, fruit, and sun chips.
We continued until we finally arrived here at Cumberland.  We had dinner at “the Crabby Pig” across the street which was flooded with sojourners. Now we have some sort of private concert from a band (two guys singing with guitars) called “the Acoustacats.”
Tommarrow we get to take a train for the first 15 of the 61 miles of the day.  We get an hour of air conditioning (woohoo!).


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