Paul’s nature post


Today we went by many bodies of water so we saw lots of amphibians and other water animals. I am also sorry for not having a post yesterday since we had no reception.

Yesterday’s animals were one rabbit/ two turtles and one included a box turtle that was on the trail and they are called box turtles because when they are scared they will go inside their shell and close up the bottom plate so there are not openings.

Today’s nature was 12 frogs/ one toad that we saw at the parking lot at the hotel a few minutes ago/ we saw to many fish to count/ some half developed tadpoles/ and two hundred and two turtles !!!!!!!

Now I have some more achievements. The achiemwnts are two turtle achievments, one mega turtle achievment for 100 turtles and a super mega turtle achievment for over 200 turtles.

Thanks for reading! Paul out


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