Me, the first time I rode from Washington, D.C. to Pittsburgh, PA, the summer between third and fourth grade.

Hi! My name is Carter and I’m in 8th grade.  I love biking and have been doing it for quite a while.  I started this trip about five years ago, during the summer after 3rd grade (that’s me above, at the end of that trip).  I remember I thought it was so cool that the next year I convinced my teacher to let me do a presentation on it for the whole class.  Coincidentally, the trip that I’m doing this year is a re-do of my first trip.

The trip was 335 miles and eight days long, and went from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh.  My Grandpa (who does the trip with me and who has been doing the trip even longer than me) told me that it was the longest one he had ever been on.  The perfect start to the biking career of a nine-year old (unfortunately, computers cannot express the sarcasm I just used in that sentence).  Surprisingly, I wasn’t traumatized by the grueling 50 mile days and the scorching summer nights and I was actually ecstatic when the trip came around the next year.

Now I’m using it to help my friend get over one of the most difficult times of his life.

You can support me on my 335 mile bike trip and help Bobby Taggart and his family by clicking the DONATE button in the sidebar.  (Please note that while PayPal takes a small percentage fee off of each transaction, 100% of the money received will go to the Taggart family.)

LIKE the Biking for Bobby Facebook page in the sidebar.


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