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Today, our school’s morning meeting started with: “Bobby Taggart was a joy to all those who knew him.” Those words better describe Bobby than anyone I’ve met. Despite everything that he went through, whenever I saw him he was always smiling, always laughing, always making the world a happier place.

Even though Bobby has been fighting this for a long time, it’s still a shock to me that he’s really gone. We”l miss him very much. I know I can’t begin to imagine what the Taggart family is going through– we are all sending love and good thoughts.


The Grand Finale!


Hey guys, this is it! The (almost) final post for Biking for Bobby. I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks to everyone who donated and showed support throughout the project for Bobby.

We’ve had a great school year so far and Bobby is doing great. He’s been using his brace to help him walk instead of his wheelchair. He and his twin brother John recently went on an awesome trip to Disneyworld and had a great time.

Hope you enjoy the video!



This is Molly.One couple on our trip decided to bring her because who wouldn’t want their dog with them?


It was actually so cold that, even though she was wearing a sweater, she was shivering so her owner picked her up to hold her.


We often see her in her bed on the back bike rack sticking her head out as if she were in a car.