From the non-traveling editor’s viewpoint….


The non-traveling editor got up at 5:30 am and has traveled to pick up the intrepid bicyclists at the end of their long journey. While she waits for the police escort to arrive, she is enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at Big Dog coffee shop.




This is Molly.One couple on our trip decided to bring her because who wouldn’t want their dog with them?


It was actually so cold that, even though she was wearing a sweater, she was shivering so her owner picked her up to hold her.


We often see her in her bed on the back bike rack sticking her head out as if she were in a car.

Day seven: Long day, Last night


As the name suggests, today was the longest day in the trip (if you took the train yesterday). It was 52 miles long. For me, it started out very tired.
I hadn’t been able to get much sleep for many reasons. First, it suddenly dropped at least 20 degrees and I had only a light sleeping bag. I was eventually able to just put on my sweatshirt and fall asleep until the trains.
For whatever reason, the comiteein charge of choosing camping sites decided that it would be a good idea to put us at a high school. This would have been a great idea except for the fact that it was right next to train tracks. Also, as many museums will tell you about this area, it was , and still is, a very busy railway. There were constant trains passing in the night. While I usually love trains, I was honestly thinking about starting a campaign to end all rail lines across the east coast.
After all these things, I was very tired in the morning. I was so tired, in fact, that my brother had to motivate me by telling me one of my birthday presents and describing it waiting for me at the end.
When I finally emerged from my slumber, I ran over to the breakfast area where a bowl of yogurt and a nice hot egg and sausage sandwich was waiting for me.
We started on our way on one of the smoothest trails I have ever rode on. It was so smooth, I started to think it was just pavement painted to look like trail.
When the trail eventually reverted to normal grade, we ended up at a town called Ohioplye where we got ice cream. This town is also famous for the time when we got fudge and I was somehow able to snatch it off of Bopa’s bike rack… While we were moving.
The rest of the day was uneventful. A geocache here and there. Stopping for lunch at connelsville. Etc. When we stopped at our campsite, we finally set up our hammock that we have used every year since I have done this trip.

Now I am sitting in it while Paul sets up the tent. Only one day left.