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2014 Update


We’ve cut and pasted this from a January update on the Team Taggart Facebook page

As you all know last Friday Bobby had a port put in and started round two of his battle with Osteosarcoma.

He received chemo for five days last Friday though Tuesday and was able to come home Tuesday night. He was feeling pretty bad Wednesday and Thursday. However, today he feels pretty good.

We were at CHOP at 8:30am this morning for his weekly doctor visits and all went well. They are expecting his blood counts to take a nose dive early next week so feeling well will most likely be short.

We went over to U of Penn to meet and set up a plan with his Radiation Oncology Team. Good news/bad news: the good news is that they feel that with the combo of radiation and chemotherapy they should be able to kick the crap out of the Osteo pretty well if everything goes right. The bad news is that it is a lot of treatments, we have to go back Tuesday morning to get Bobby set up and scanned and tattooed so they can hit the same spot every treatment. Then on Thursday he will start three weeks of treatment. Yes that means he will have to go to U of Penn every day for three weeks plus still getting his chemo across the street at CHOP.

We are going to log on some serious commuting time and hopefully I will get to get some work in. But it is all worth it and Bobby is ready to fight this battle. The support that he (we) get from his (our) friends family and especially the GA community has been overwhelming this past week. The texts, cards, posters, donations, meals, visits and flowers have really touched us and I cannot put into words how much it means to our family. I cannot thank everyone enough. Stay Strong Team Taggart we need ya. We are just getting started. WE ARE TEAM TAGGART!!!!!

John Taggart Sr.

You can follow Bobby’s progress on the Team Taggart Facebook page. If you’d like to help, there’s an upcoming fundraising event (click on poster below).

If you want to help but don’t live in the area, you’re welcome to send a check to:

Biking for Bobby/Team Taggart

c/o Rich Shellhas, Head of Upper School

Germantown Academy

340 Morris Road

Fort Washington, PA 19034

Team Taggart


The Grand Finale!


Hey guys, this is it! The (almost) final post for Biking for Bobby. I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks to everyone who donated and showed support throughout the project for Bobby.

We’ve had a great school year so far and Bobby is doing great. He’s been using his brace to help him walk instead of his wheelchair. He and his twin brother John recently went on an awesome trip to Disneyworld and had a great time.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Day three: hillzilla


Not much happened after lunch. There were only a few minor incidents worth telling you about.
First, curse whoever posted that they were glad that there were no snakes!  Ten minutes after I looked at it, I accidentally ran over a snake lying in the road.  In my defense, it looked an awful lot like a stick and I’m about 70% sure that it didn’t die (yet).
Paul’s tire also broke.  After we passed the horses, he noticed that his tire was making a weird sound.  Upon further inspection, we found a piece of glass in his inner tube so we had to change it.
For most of the ride after lunch, there was a detour due to repairs further up the towpath.

The good news:  it was all paved and much smoother than the rough and rocky trail.

The bad news:  it consisted of giant hill after giant hill. For those that saw my picture of “a great view of the country side”, that was while we took a break after one of the giant hills.
Tonight we are camped on an open field (not great for shade) where part of the Confederate army supposedly stayed while being driven back by Union troops (they got to stay in town [Williamsport] so they probably got actual beds).
While one may get very hot in an open field in the sun (the nearby bridge is now shading us), there is a very convenient boat landing (dock, inlet, DZ? It essentially is the road slowly sloping into the Potomac so boats can float off of their trailer things).  Earlier this evening (aka as soon as I got in to the campsite) I was able to change into my bathing suit and have a dip.  While it was extremely rocky and littered with broken up bricks, it was very refreshing.

After terrorizing the local schools of fish, I went to take a shower (first in three days so felt pretty good) and wonder where the rest of my group had gone [they had gone into town for geocaching and ice cream without me :(].  It was just my luck that, as I was going to return my towel, they started serving dinner.  I jumped in line and was one of the first to be served a feast of steak fajita with onions and peppers, boiled carrots, and a light salad.
After dinner and a while spent at the Comfy Campers tent (basically the room service of camping), I went over to hear a speech from a local National Park Service employee about the history of the canal.  She told us everything from how it got started to its key role in the civil war to daily life for a “canaler”.
They then wanted a group picture across the field after the speech, so everyone slowly made their way over.  Paul and I got there quickly and, while waiting for the others, joked around with some more quick-footed sojourners about how it looked like a horde of zombies was coming towards us.

You may be laughing and asking “how the heck does a bunch of people walking look like zombies?”  You weren’t there.  First, as an unfortunate clarification, a lot of people on this trip are, to put it nicely, past their prime.  A lot of them walk with a bit of a limp or just some kind of awkward motion in their step.  Also, the sun was silhouetting them so for all you knew, they could be a half rotted corpse or a superstar.  We then went on to identify all the different types of zombies (slow with arms raised and a constant groan or running, arms dangling behind and shrieking at the top of their half-rotted lungs) and proper procedures for a zombie apocalypse.  For those that didn’t know, it’s find an obviously zombie-clear yacht or island that is only accessible by boat or swimming (it is well known that zombies can’t swim).  Proceed to stock this stronghold with enough food and ammo to, well, get you through the apocalypse and wait by the door with a shotgun or sharpened weapon (or just lock the door with something zombie-proof and don’t let anyone in).

Now I’m watching the sun set while writing this post.  Beautiful.